Sunday, September 12, 2010

Births, Engagements & Weddings ... oh yes and Divorces


Seems like something in the water at the moment, you walk around Dublin and every second woman is pregnant, and yet this country was the hardest hit in the recession and we are still worse off than most European countries, except uh maybe Greece ... however, we suddenly are having the highest birth rate.  This is due to the fact that Ireland have some strong employment laws, with all the redundancies taking place in most companies, they can not make you redundant if you are out sick or on Maternity leave - so what do most woman do, fall pregnant!  And then yes while they are out for the 9 - 12 months having their baby, they fall pregnant again and the cycle just goes on and on and puts the country deeper in debt.  I agree to having 2 kids because you are replacing the population, but more than that ... why?  Surely people have noticed that the world is so over populated already, or maybe not are we so selfish that we only think of our wants and needs?


So my good friend "Bob" finally did it, on holiday in Italy with his girlfriend Aoife, who I really like and he decided to pop the question!  I'd say about time as Bob is 33 and not getting any younger, so last night while we were out celebrating Trish's wedding, it was just wedding talk - Bob thinks he can probably get away with only spending about €10 - €15K on a big wedding .... I think he may be in for a rude awakening, has no one told him what things cost in this country!  In actual fact it is absolutely ridiculous the amount of money that gets spent on weddings in this country, I told him to elope or going and get married in some 3rd world country where it will cost you a fraction of what you would pay here.


Yes we were out celebrating Trish's wedding last night, with a wonderful dinner at "Fallon & Byrne", so Trish is doing the sensible thing and running off to Rome to get married, just her Seamie and mom & dad ... very, very wise I say!  All the old crew from the "society" were there, some of them actually still working there, so it was a great catch up and really had a wonderful evening (considering I didn't really want to go).  I had to rush off at 12:50 before they locked up the parking garage where I was parked and I just made it!  Oh yes forgot to mention that Trish is going to one of my favourite places for her honeymoon - Sorrento, told her she has to do a trip over to the Isle of Capri and the blue grotto.


It most cases it has been the man's fault, especially in the celebrity world, I mean look at Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole and now sweet and innocent (not), Wayne Rooney, who I only recently said of  to my mother in law "his about the nicest down to earth player of them all" but yet he has a thing for prostitutes and was even inviting woman back to his bodeaur (spelling) on his stag night ... despicable.
Yet in my world it seems to be the woman who are unhappy with the men and deciding to just up and walk out of marriages that have lasted between 10 and 20 years, and the reasons ... "I never loved him", "his too old", OMG surely when you get married in the first place you know these thing, if he wasn't too old for you when you married him, why exactly is he too old now, did he age more rapidly than you ... one day you too will be too old, and that younger man you have now fallen in love with, will leave you for a younger woman ... I always believe "what goes around, comes around".

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