Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's hard to believe that the 9/11 attacks on America happened 9 years ago today, it's also hard to believe that my mother passed away 8 years ago today.

I still remember where I was on 9/11, we had only been living in Ireland for less than 3months, I was hunting for that job (seems I do that a lot), my mother and father-in-law were visiting Ireland from South Africa, but were doing a bit of touring and had gone up north.  We were living in a small 2 bedroomed apartment, and I was busy cleaning the floor, I decided to put the TV on for some reason and I had it on Sky News, as I was watching they were talking about the plane that had smashed into the first of the twin towers, I grabbed the phone and immediately phoned D to tell him what was happening and while I was talking to him on the phone another plane smashed into the other twin tower.  To me it felt like the world had gone mad, but that is now all history, but never to be forgotten history.

On Friday night I was switching between channels and there were a lot of programs about 9/11, it's actually heart wrenching some of the stories that have come out.  Amazingly though, most of the stories seem to be about New York, which of course was the major disaster - however it seems that the media forget about those who were in the Pentagon and the other airplanes that were involved in this disaster.  My heart goes out to all those families who suffered loss on that day, because only after the passing of my mother do I realise how much you can actually miss a family member so much.

My mom passed away on 9/11 8 years ago, my mother like most mothers was very wise and taught me a lot of life skills, things that I hope to pass on to my daughter one day.  The thing I miss most about my mother is that she never got to know her youngest grand daughter who was born 8 months after she left us.

Forever in our thoughts!  (The lady on the right).


Gail said...

what an amazing photo of your mom - she was beautiful :)

Rose said...

Thanks Gail, she was amazing and had the kindest heart in the whole universe.