Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Will & Kate

I was thrilled to see the Prince William had become engaged to Kate Middleton, but quite taken aback when I saw that he had given Kate, Princess Diana’s engagement ring – I actually thought it was a bit tacky and also a bit expectant, I know that William did it for the memory and love of his mother, however he should have stopped to think.
As it is all the world’s eyes will be on Kate expecting her to live up to Princess Dianna, and by giving her that ring it would have more expectations of her to be more like Princess Dianna.  I felt so sorry for the poor girl last night when they interviewed her, she was obviously very much unprepared for the questions that they threw at her, she stumbled and fumbled and did not really answer the question and William had to step in and help.  I think she just wanted to crawl under the carpet.
Even William at one stage said he can’t wait for the interview to be over!  Surely someone in Buckingham palace should have coached Kate before going on Live Television in front of the world, and especially because of the fact that William had given her Diana’s ring, they should have known that she would have been bombarded with questions about comparisons with her and Dianne – the poor girl!  I blame the people in charge of the royal family – heads should roll! J
To be honest I was hoping he would have given her a beautiful 6 carat pear shaped Diamond knuckle duster that would have created frenzy with people wanting a knock off, just like when Dianne got engaged.  
I feel sorry for Kate as I think the more and more she is in the public eye and doing public engagements she is going to be compared to Princess Dianna, and however much she tries to create her own identity she will more than likely be criticised.   So as much as being the king’s wife and a princess sound so appealing, I would not like to walk in her shoes for a day.
I do however look forward to watching the wedding on TV as I did 30 years ago watching Dianne & Charles get married, I think it is probably high time there was a wedding.  We all know that Harry will be best man and I don’t think it will be long before Harry and Chelsea take the same step.

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