Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weird World

Okay, tell me is it only in Ireland or is the world just weird, I was listening to the news this morning and the ruling party in the FF government of Ireland are having a "secret" ballot tonight in a motion of confidence for the current Taoiseach (that's Irish for Prime Minister).  However, the Minister of Finance has publicly declared that he will support the Taoiseach along with other members of the cabinet ... HELLO!  That doesn't sound like a secret to me, so why the hell are you having a SECRET ballot then, or do you just LIE to the public about your support and then stab him in the back in the secret ballot???  Something doesn't make sense, but I am sure some Irish person will be kind enough to explain it to me.

Then there is something else that just p*sses me off totally, the fact that criminals get "FREE LEGAL AID" according to the media, I wish they would stop using the term free legal aid and change it to "Legail aid paid for with tax payers money" because that is exactly what it is, just like anything FREE in this country someone pays for it and it is normally the tax payer, not so ..... so please stop using the word FREE so FREELY!

Okay I was going to complain about old news, Radio Nova reported on a couple who updated their Relationship status on Facebook right after they took their vows,  today but this story is months old, so get with the program and tell us the New NEWS, not old NEWS.

It's not that I am grumpy but just a few things that I don't fully understand.

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Anonymous said...

In relation to screat ballot. Brian Lenihan has been saying the Taoiseach was not up to the job. He then comes out and says he will back him. So what will he do when he casts his vote ?

It is the Irish way to smile and tell you what a decent person you are while stabbing you in the back.
It is considered impolilte to be horrid to somebodies face. But two faced is fine