Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality ...

Well my world wind trip home to SA has come and gone, but I feel so inspired - when I left Ireland everything was doom and gloom a bit like SA becomes when people start talking about the crime.  But having spent so many wonderful days with my friends and family and especially my BFF I feel like I can go on again and I know that for all the grief some people give me, they can never take that away from me, never ever.  Spending time with my BFF was better than anything I could ever have done, and I realised that I don't need a million acquaintances because the friends that I make, are my true friends - it's funny how my mother always said to me that I knew how to choose my friends and I really do, because they are all still in my life and very dear and special to me.

The pain, hurt and backstabbing can all be put to bed now because I realise that those who caused it were never my friends and never important in my life - so farewell, off with their heads they are finally gone and forgotten!

Even though I was dreading going back to work on Tuesday, especially as I had only arrived home on Monday evening, it was actually wonderful - it was amazing the reaction I got from everyone in the office including my directors, wow I feel so lucky to be so well liked, but I guess you always get what you give out - you would have sworn I had been gone for months with the reception I got!

Okay so I guess you want to hear about the holiday, well it may have to wait till the week-end.

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