Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moving on

I never quite got to blog about my holiday, I might just post random pictures now and again and tell you about them, but to cut a loooooooooooong story short, we had a fabuloses holiday in South Africa, we saw most of our friends and family, it was very rushed, ate far too much, drank far too much, but none the less it was good for the Soul to connect with those special to us, gives us strength to carry on for another little while.

We are lucky to have two homes, one where we have chosen to live and one where all our amazing friends and family are!

What we did:

Braaied some more
Went to Sun city for the day
Went to Kwandabele to see the dear old lady who looked after me all my life
Went to Lusito land
Met friends that I had not seen in 30 years
Met family I had never met in my life
Saw my new Great nephew
Had the cousins sleep over with Em
Did all the things we never get to do in Ireland

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