Sunday, June 26, 2011

Google Earth

I was amazed at the new Google Earth, that actually shows you the house quite clearly almost like a photograph but in 360 degrees because you can move the camera around and see everything.  I first googled our address, and the satellite image was obviously taken when we weren't home, which is weird because when you do the aerial view, you can clearly see washing hanging on the line and both our cars in the drive, yet when you do the street level view there are no cars in the drive, so they must have been taken at different stages.

Our number has the cars in the drive and the front door open.  I Google Earthed some place in Australia and you can actually see the people walking in the street and almost identify them.  When I started putting in addresses in South Africa, the aerial view is quite good, but if you try go to street level is just blurs it out, the same with America, is this to stop burglars using Google Earth to see how they can access a house, then surely they should blur it out anywhere in the world, I mean after all their are burglars in Ireland and Australia too, not just South Africa and America.

It's mind blowing though, try putting in your address and then once you get the aerial view click on the plus button until it gives you the street level, you never know you might even see yourself there.

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