Thursday, June 9, 2011

Journey to a Foreign land competition

This morning I was in the kitchen listen to Radio Nova  as usual except this time we were childless, Em had a sleep over at a friend while D and I went to the concert at the O2, anyway in the mornings they have all kinds of competitions and this morning they had "Journey to a foreign land" and they played a recording in a different language and you had to phone and tell them what country the language came from, so the recording was: "Ons kantoor is nou toe, skakel asseblief .... blah blah blah", like hello why wouldn't I know where that was from.  So D said phone and I did, but I never expected it to ring or for "Pat" from Radio Nova to answer, and I said "Hi, Pat it's Rose here" and he said "aaaah, I know you are going to know this" he recognised my accent.  So I got it right and got into the draw.  Well I the winner was going to be chosen at 9:50 and they would get tickets to see "Journey & Foreigner" at the O2 on Saturday night.  I left my phone on my desk sort of hoping I would win, but never expected to, but lone behold at 9:50 my phone rang and it was Pat to tell me I had won.  So I was on the radio twice in one morning!  He kept me on the phone for a while and also told me what a beautiful voice I had and he bets I get told that all the time ... a bit of flirting going on there you think?

Anyway D is going round to pick up the tickets from them tomorrow and I have to get a baby sitter.  Looking forward to it.

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