Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Shower

I was asked volunteered by our Gay German-American Boss to do do a "Baby Shower" for a male co-worker.  Now in Ireland people are really superstitious about accepting gifts before the baby is born, however, this guy is not Irish although his wife is, he is also agnostic, and that is besides being Lactose intolerant as well as glucose intolerant. :)

Oy Vay, so what to do?  Half the people at work say "I wouldn't do it", well most of the Irish bar the ones in our team lol who are all game for organizing this.  So I guess I should just go with the flow and organize.  I guess in writing down my thoughts I really do answer my own questions, so perhaps this blogging thing is good!

And I guess all the food just has to be wholesome organic - and have you ever heard of a man who can only drink Cider and nothing else! So challenging, but I guess this just has to put my organizational skills to the test.

Will post the photos from the shower!

Any nice ideas on what to do for a male co-worker?

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