Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Property Tax in Ireland ...

I don't know how to begin this post because I am confused, baffled, startled at the stupidity of the government - I am sure this could have been thought out and implemented better in any country in Africa.

So let me start at the beginning - After the previous government squandered all the money the country had, and the banks had to be bailed out by the tax payer along with a host of other organizations, and this was done by putting up our taxes first personal tax, then sales tax then the introduction of a "Universal Social Charge", then more tax hikes, reducing any kind of benefit they could, they introduced a household charge in 2012.

Not knowing how to implement this, they let the public do it for them, in addition they also want to start charging us for water which is a would you call it a natural resource that there is no shortage of in Ireland, but they have no way of knowing how much water people use as we don't have water meters.  So they sent every household a letter for the household charge which I think was €100, and you had to go on-line and pay this, but you also had to answer a whole lot of questions pertaining to your water, drainage etc, so in actual fact what ever person in Ireland was doing was building a database for the government so that they would try and come up with a way in which to implement it, which they still haven't.

So instead they decide to implement property tax, based on the value of your property - but you guessed it how do they know what your property is worth.  So once again they consult with the Leprechauns and come up with this idea, YOU the owner of your property have to decide what your property is worth!!!  So if you go onto their website and click on the LPT (Local Property Tax - Valuation Guidance)

 - You put in your location from the drop down list and property type and state whether it was built before Y2K or after and click on view map.   A pop up "Self Assessment Disclaimer" box pops up, which you have to accept or cancel, if you cancel you can't go any further.

So then this awful map with various shades of Orange pops up, Orange???? I ask you could they not have used different colors for each area.

So then you zoom into your area and you can actually virtually click on your house when you have zoomed in  close enough, it will then come up with an estimate and what I can only think is they give you the Minimum amount that your house could be valued at and you decide what it is actually worth, however they have our Estate in the wrong Area - did no-one check this, do they not have QA people looking at their software before they release it??? I guess being in QA I constantly look for mistakes these days!!!

I just want to know how this is going to work, What is my neighbor values his house at 100k more than mine, yet mine is in better condition ... they honestly never thought this through, what a bunch of monkeys ... I ask you!

Once you have the estimate you can then go to the Calculator and calculate your property tax for 2013, to see how much more the Tax man is going to try and take from you!

And don't worry he will be sending you a self assessment form in the post in the next couple of days so you can fill it in (once again doing their job for them) and they will then ask for payment.  And what if you can't afford to pay it ???  Where are they going to go next to get money once they have squandered this lot and lined their already fat pockets???

The New Property Tax for 2013

Your House 

As seen by yourself:

As seen by your buyer:

As seen by your lender:

As seen by the bank's 

As seen by Irish Revenue Commissioners:

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