Friday, April 19, 2013

Am I menopausal or just tired of cr@p ?

I found lately I just can't tolerate Bullsh!t, there was an incident at a friends birthday on Saturday which had me fuming, but as much as I wanted to tell her how much cr@p she was talking, I kept my mouth shut because it was her birthday (I will still blog about this). 

I always remember my friends mom saying when she got to my age how there is no excuse for incompetence and the more people speak up the less we will have to accept bad service or whatever it was, and my friend and I would get so embarrassed and walk away.

Well this morning I did something that I though I would never do, I had Em in the car and on the way to school we had not had breakfast, so decided to stop at our favorite coffee shop "Coffee2go" on Mespil road and then also go into the florist to see if we could get some loose flowers - They were having "Shakespeare day" at school today and she was dressed like a fairy from "A midsummer nights dream".  Anyway as I was about to park the car in baggott street, a young boy who was across the road did a U turn and drove straight into the parking I was reversing into! 

Em was mortified as I undid my safety belt stepped out of the car, walked up to his window and started shouting at him, well the stupid Skanger was not going to move, so I eventually got back into my car and went around the block, parking on a double yellow line.

My poor child said to me:  "Mommy, please promise me you won't ever do that again if I am in the car!" ... lol

Anger Management?!!?  - but as I drove away I felt a little bit liberated, I wished I had just reversed into him like Kathy Bates in "Fried Green Tomatoes"


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