Saturday, April 19, 2014


Well we left Sunny Ireland on Wednesday, up before dawn to catch a flight to Corfu, Greece in the hope of some warmer weather, however it looks like we have missed the wonderful weather in Ireland for a damp and cold Corfu.

On Thursday and Friday we drove into Corfu Town and wandered around the old Corfu town, we were hoping to see the Easter bands on Friday, but with the rain and the amount of people it did not pan out.  We eventually left and came home, stopping in a beautiful seaside town called Ipsos for a walk.

Today (Saturday) we went to the other side of the Island, the weather seemed to be a lot kinder and it was also very beautiful.  We left Nissaki where we are staying and drove up to Kassiopi, Sidari and around the coast line to Agios Stefanos, Arillas and Georgios and then back towards Dassia and home.  We stopped for lunch and a beautiful little Restaurant on the road that ran between olive plantations, run by a woman from New York married to a Grecian from Corfu, the restaurant was called "The Night Owl". 

Further down the road we happened upon a bakery which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and had the most beautiful view of the mountains and forests, I will add a photo later.  We then meandered through the mountains back to Villa Persephone in Nissaki.
Tomorrow we will go back to the west side of the Ireland, and hopefully the weather will be better.

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