Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pilots in Indonesia

Last night I was watching a documentary on TV about pilots in Indonesia, one of the pilots had to fly to some really remote places where the tribes had built a run way just so that they could have supplies flown into them, they live on top of these really high mountains.

The pilot has to test these runways to ensure they are safe enough for landing and taking off, one of the places was close to where 2 missionaries had been killed and eaten in 1968, I couldn't quite comprehend that there was still cannibalism less than 50 years ago.  Although nothing surprises me lately.

This is a really interesting website there was even a family eaten in 1974. 
"The last cases of cannibalism were only recently recorded. In 1968 two missionaries (Australian Stan Dole and American Phil Masters) were chopped and eaten. During Christmas 1974, four Dutch families were killed and eaten by aborigines in the Jayawijaya Mountains. The last known case was a killing of a priest and his twelve companions. It allegedly happened because they tried to ban the aborigines from hunting for skulls and they burnt their fetishes. This tragic event happened in 1976 almost in the end of the twentieth century. This is a very recent history of the New Guinea Island."

Although with seeing these photos here, I think it may be one of my bucket list now to visit Indonesia :


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