Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

It was so sad to wake up this morning and read the news that Robin Williams had passed away.

What a legend, and a brilliant man - the saddest part about this is that he committed suicide and a man with so many friends and with so much going for him could choose to end his life.

I have lost so many friends to suicide and know so many parents who have lost children to suicide, I think this is the worst thing a human being can do as they leave behind all those people who think - "What could I have done to stop this?", "Why didn't they talk to me?" 

You wonder what goes on in a persons mind those last hours before thy end it all.  A parent and friends never get over the fact that a person committed suicide and until they themselves have passed on will always question "Why".  Suicide might be the end of all your problems, but it creates so many problems for everyone else.

Majority of the people I know who have committed suicide have been under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs and can only imagine that they weren't thinking of the consequences at the time but only their reasons for ending it all.

My first recollection of seeing Robin Williams was the TV sitcom "Mork and Mindy" - Mork from Ork, I fell in love with him, he was so funny and from that day on I have tried to see everything he acted in.  My favorites are most definitely "Good Morning Vietnam", "The birdcage", "Mrs Doubtfire" and far too many to list here!

Farewell Robin, such a sad loss to all of us!

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So Sad :(