Monday, April 6, 2015

Moulin Rouge Birthday Treat

So Thursday was also my birthday and I had long wanted to see the show at the Moulin Rouge, we managed to get tickets for the 11PM show which were a lot less than all the other show, it just meant it would be a late night especially for Emily.

We took the Metro to Blanche and were surprised when we came out that the Moulin Rouge was right there.  We then went and had a bite to eat and headed over about 10:30 the queue was already down the road.  When I booked the tickets it said that the dress code was no runners, jeans and men should wear a suit.  I guess maybe that is the dress code for all shows except the 11PM show as most people especially the men were in Jeans and runners.  But needless to say, my man was wearing suit trousers, good shoes and a tie.  (He was not very impressed).

The show was 2 and a half hours long and what a show, it really felt like you were back in the 50's, it was very retro.  I am so glad I saw it as the first time I visited Paris I did not have the money to go to the show, so this was a real treat for me! 

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