Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paris Hop on Hop Off bus and free coffee in Paris ...

Wednesday: We went over to the Big Bus company near the Opera to fetch our hop on hop off tickets for the day, which comes free with the Paris Pass - the lady wasn't very friendly first thing in the morning, but we did find out that we could have picked them up the previous day and she could have validated them for any day our Paris Pass was valid for.

Couple of things about those Hop on Hop off buses that I always forget, if you sit upstairs it is going to be cold, especially on a chuking filly day that we had, although it is the best way to see the "most" of Paris remember to take Scarf / hat / Gloves/ thermals etc. or otherwise sit downstairs - but of course you don't get the view down stairs that you get upstairs.

We first did the full route that takes you past all the tourist attractions including:

The Arc De Triomphe
The Eiffel Tower
Along the Champs Elysees
The Louvre
The Opera House
All the Palaces and famous bridges

But you can see the route here

How to get a free coffee in Paris:

Once we had done the full route, we then got off at the Opera and headed down to the Lafayette to "Pret a Manger" for some lunch, we discovered it on Monday when D and I went to Printemps to see the view.   They always have nice sandwiches, pastries and coffee.

After Lunch we had to go to the Lindt store to get Em an ice-cream (of course) and then I saw the "Nespresso" shop, there is a Nespresso machine in the apartment and I have been wanting to get myself one for ages, so after talking to one of the sales men I purchased 10 capsules for €4.50 he then told me to go downstairs and get a coffee, so I called D and we both headed down for a FREE cup of coffee, the reason I go on about it is because a small coffee in a Parisian Café costs between €4.50 and €5.00 a cup, so to get 10 capsules and a free coffee is a real bargain.

And apparently you can do this in any City where there is a Nespresso shop, so long as you are buying something in the shop, you get a free coffee.

Later:  The Opera House and the Eiffel Tower

We headed into the Opera House, however all the English guided tours were finished for the day, so we just did our own thing.  Looked around took loads of photos and then headed for the shop and exit.  Will post all my photos later.

We then got back on the Hop on Hop off bus and headed out to the Eiffel tower.  Although it was windy and cold on the bus, when the sun came out it was really nice and warm.  We got to the Eiffel tower and once again had to queue and that cold wind from the snow on the alps was cutting right through us.

What a majestic structure, it was well worth the wait in the cold to get on the vernacular and go up to the 2nd level and then from there to head up to the Summit, we saw some awesome views and the one that really struck me was from the 2nd level looking towards the Sacré Cour.  The view from the Summit was just as awesome, but I was glad to get down to the bottom where it was much warmer.

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