Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Statue Debacle

In South Africa at the moment the locals seem to have a problem with Statues that represent "Apartheid" or anything that is not African, I know this can spark many debates but as a new Irish person and still a South African Citizen I just need to voice my opinion on this.

My question is "Why", many of the statues are from pre-apartheid, and are of people who helped build South Africa to what it is today.  If Jan Van Riebeeck and all the discoverers had not landed on South African soil, where would South Africa be today?

I don't agree with Apartheid or any of the wrong doings that people have done, but surely to have peace and reconciliation, the past should be left in the past.

Ireland for instance was occupied by Britain for over 800 years and yes statues that represented the occupation have been removed "civilly", Queen Victoria for one, the statue was removed from it's position in front of Leinster house (parliament) and sent to Sydney where is now stands in front of the Victoria shopping Mall.

So Why do we need to be barbaric and burn or decapitate these Statues in South Africa, if the ANC government insist on removing them, then do so - maybe Holland would like the one of Jan Van Riebeeck.

Most people that came to South Africa were seeking a better life and trying to escape persecution, which is exactly what is still happening today.  People from all over Africa are trying to escape persecution or hardship in their own country and are coming to South Africa.  Just like the Zimbabweans.

I can't believe that the ANC government welcomed Robert Mugabe with open arms when his people are doing everything to get into South Africa because he has ruined his country so much so that his people are starving.

Why not move these statues to the Apartheid Museum or to the Voortrekker monument so that people can see who the "evil" orchestrators of apartheid were, but burning and decapitating that's just barbaric.

I just get so Angry with what the ANC allow to happen in it's beautiful country, and I worry for my friends and family still there, what does the future hold.  Since leaving in 2001 I have always dreamt I would one day go back, but with events unfolding in front of me and being and outsider looking in, will I ever go back now?  I don't know.

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