Sunday, June 14, 2015

Priceless things my Daughter has said over the years ..... #Emily

Emily recently celebrated her 12th birthday and I was thinking about priceless things she had said growing up and here are a few.

#1.   When we lived in an apartmet block in Milltown on the 3rd floor and she was about 3 years old, I asked her to go and call the lift which was right out side our apartment door, she went out and called "Lift, Lift", it was so adorable.

#2.  When showing her how to put her runners on, I said before she laces them she need to pull out the tongue, my adorable 3 year old, stuck out "her" tongue!

#3.  We have a picture of a lot of famous Hollywood actors and actresses hanging on the wall, her father used to carry her up to the picture and poing out Elvis and say that's daddy and then poing out Marilyn Monroe (I wish) and say that's Mommy, so first year at school she told everyone her father was Elvis - poor child was mocked! (Never do this to your kids).

#4.  I was rescued from a sinking ship *The Oceanos* back in 1991, I was telling Emily about it at some stage, when a few years ago they were doing The Titanic at school, she told her teacher that her mom was on the Titanic! (Face in Palm, shake head).

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