Wednesday, July 8, 2009

California U.S.A.

Date: 2nd - 8th July
Accommodation: Residence Inn by Marriott
Weather: 28 degrees + most days
Season: Summer
Rain: None
One Word: Wow
Agenda: 3 days Disney & California Adventure Park, 1 day Sea world, 1 day Universal Studios
So as I mentioned in the two previous posts we spent our first two days at Disneyland, it was absolutely awesome and it is a true fact when people say that the adults enjoy it just as much as the kids.
On our 3rd day we decided to do the California Adventure park which is right next door to Disney, the previous day being the 4th of July, Disney was jam packed and today looked like it would be the same, so we rather decided on the Adventure Park. From the moment you enter the gate, the Beach Boys are blaring out of a loud speaker, surfing U.S.A. and the Mama's and the Papas singing California Dreaming, you get the feeling that you are really in Sunny California, however by the time they had replayed the CD for the 20th time, you are dying to hear some other music.

The adventure park was a good choice as there was hardly anyone there, Emily got to be first in line for a few autographs with Snow White and Pluto and Mickey, we also saw loads of other characters and went on some wild rides. After a whole day of fun filled adventure, in which Emily even got to star in High School Musical 3, twice it was time to head off to Dave & Amy for a Braai, which was everything we had thought it would be, huge steaks and lots of salads.

The next day we headed down to San Diego, to Sea World the intention was to meet up with a friend of Emily's from school and their parents, but alas the Irish Mobile phone company failed us and so we were on our own. It was a good day and we saw Shamu the Orca and the dolphins, my highlight was the starfish pond where you could pick up the starfish under water. At about 5 p.m. we decided to head home it was about an hour and a half drive back to Anaheim.

On the way we decided to stop at a restaurant that Dave had told us about at Laguna beach called Mozambique, well I am so glad we did, the biggest best prawns I have ever had in my life. Got to make a plan to go back there.

The next day which happened to coincide with Michael Jackson's memorial service in downtown L.A. we headed towards Hollywood and Universal Studios. The place was packed but we had an awesome time, Emily got to see Sponge Bob and Dora, we went to see a reenactment of a scene from Water world which was awesome.

We then went on the ride to the studios where they take you through scenes from Movies, there was the lake where Jaws was filmed and even some fake blood, then past the Bates Motel from Psycho and even saw Mr Bates taking a body to the car. We were in the desert while there was a flash flood, over a bridge while it collapsed and in a tube station while there was an earthquake. We then went past a few TV scenes, Ghost whisperer and of course the place I wanted to go past which was Wisteria lane from Desperate Housewives.

It was all over too soon, we had to head back to the hotel to do washing as the next day was our flight to Tahiti, Emily wanted to swim which didn't happen as they had closed the pool (someone got sick) yuk.

We checked out of the hotel at 11 and then headed to the Mall to do some last minute shopping, word of advice, don't ever buy anything at Disney until you have been to the supermarket, everything is 70% cheaper. After that we headed towards long beach and Emily had a swim in her clothes and then headed to the airport for our flight.

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