Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20 Things I am greatful for ... (Living in Ireland)

Looking for a job at the moment is proving more difficult than I imagined, so I have decided to do a post on things that I am greatful for, to put some kind of perspective on the fact that I don't have a job.

  1. I have a wonderful family
  2. I have left my Sat Nav in the car overnight and 24/7 for the last 2 years and it has not been stolen, I have even left the car unlocked on several occasions over night.
  3. I get to pick up Em from school every day.
  4. I have wonderful friends
  5. I have a house, car, family, friends, food and everything I need.
  6. I am able to walk to loads of places without fearing for my life.
  7. I was brought up in a home with 2 parents who never divorced (although sometimes I wondered why they ever got together in the first place).
  8. I can use public transport.
  9. I walk around with my handbag open and more often than not my purse is lying at the top (little bit careless I need to start being more careful).
  10. The only reason we have a house alarm is so that our insurance cost is not so high.
  11. When I let the house alarm go off accidentally, the police came round to check if I was okay even when I told them it was a false alarm.
  12. I can withdraw money from the ATM without having to watch my back.
  13. When Em is a bit older I can allow her to go into town on her own using public transport
  14. I able to decide where I want to live
  15. I have a warm bed and clothes
  16. There is money in my purse and my bank account (not a lot but it's still there)
  17. We are all healthy and don't have any disabilities
  18. We can go on holidays
  19. I can laugh at myself, especially now that I am Irish
  20. I am greatful that I have things to be greatful for and that I can blog about them.


Monsoon said...

What a great list! Sometimes it helps to write things down. I used to keep a "gratitude journal": I would write at least 5 things that I was grateful for or that had made me happy that day. It helped keep a positive spin on things.

Much luck with the job hunting Rose, and I adore your new blog-look!

Love xxx

Rose said...

Thanks Eilen, I think sometimes we forget how lucky we really are. When I lived in South Africa I used to be greatful all the time and mostly because you saw so much poverty around you, living in Europe is different everyone seems to have everything, but when you look deep down you see what they haven't got.

Terri said...

This is a fantastic post, Rose and you're so right - that's a lot to be grateful for, and a lot that is taken for granted by those who were born and bred in Europe.

Rose said...

Terri, when I lived in SA I often used to wonder how come I wasn't born into a black family, and was always grateful for what I had. Sometimes you wish that God could change every AWB person into a black person just for a month and see how they get on. So much hatred on both sides is such a shame, but I am not going to do a political post, I think there are enough blogs like that.