Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's not Junk, it's ART!

I had to capture this line my 6.9 year old daughter spun me last night.  I was busy getting the recycling together as today the bins get fetched, and I picked up a empty roller towel card board thingie that my daughter had wrapped in foil as she wanted to make a sword and show her teacher.  I let her have her amusement and then thought I would just toss it in the bin.  As I was going through the lounge with all the recycling, she saw it with my pile and said "Hey, mom you can't throw that away!"  and I said "It's Junk it's going in the bin" to which she replied:  "It's NOT junk, it's ART!!!!"  Well I guess that told me, I will have to start looking at junk in a different way now!

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Terri said...

LOL! Well that certainly told you :)

Happy St Paddy's Day, Rose!