Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Toxic Friendships

You know how often you look for a word to describe something and can never find it, well after reading my new favourite blog, Ches said his 2010 is "For me, this year has been about 5 very important positives and life changing experiences... 1. Finally ending some toxic friendships, and finding great new ones."

And that is so true about my "positive" year, I have been on this positive drive since the end of last year, you know new beginings and all that, it started when we got back from our round the world trip, I decided that I need to rid my life of things that bring me down and some of those were "Toxic" friendships, wow it feels so good to use that word!  And I did, that is end some toxic friendships, I am now so much happier with my life and myself.  Woman can be evil and now I know that woman can be TOXIC too!!!  Bored woman I have found are dangerous woman too, so never let your mind be bored.
I have also found some great new ones, this is my year!


Terri said...

That's fantastic, Rose. It can be hard to do but it is sooo good for you. Good one.

Rose said...

Ah Terri looks like I have found another new friend even though she lives thousands of miles away, I think we are destined to meet one day, when the time is ready!