Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well after our walk along the cliffs to Greystones, I have become a bit more motivated with my exercise.

On Sunday I went off to the pool at the gym and did 35 laps and some aqua aerobic exercises.  Then Monday I did 15 laps and 20 minutes of Aqua aerobics, the new trainer on a Monday is not so clued up and needs to find his feet.

Then Wednesday night I did 21 laps and 30 minutes of Bootcamp Aqua aerobics, wow I loved it, loved being pushed to the limits and trying to keep up with the ultra fit instructor, who sometimes goes on like those rabbits in the ever ready battery ad.

So I decided that tomorrow night I would try the Zumba class, it's on for an hour, from 7:30 tomorrow night and then afterwards go for a swim, Jacuzzi, sauna and the steam room.  What a way to spend a Friday!

I think I am getting fitter and I can definitely feel that I am more toned, however still long way to go.  So want to come along and join me?

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