Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do we work to Live or Live to work?

Funny thing, being in Ireland for 10 years now makes me think that when we were living in the rat race, we were always working and life really revolved around work, whereas the Irish have it right, they work to live!  Nobody rushes in to get the work done, because whether you rush or get there when you have to the work will still be there, nobody worries if you are a few minutes late in the morning, because sometimes you just have to stay that few minutes extra in the evening.

And what happens when it is a sunny beautiful day, well most Irish people take the day off - who wants to be stuck in doors on a beautiful day.  Week-ends well if the sun is shining, forget about the housework, it can always be done another day, get out and enjoy the sunshine!

I think I could get used to this, although they say the Aussies are very similar and I think I would prefer the weather.

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