Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gino's ... in da South

This morning I was thinking about what I really miss from home, and the first thing that popped up was decent Pizza.  There is no one in the world not even the Italians that can top the Pizza's made @ Gino's in the South.  Gino's started in the 80's and they were the start of people in the South being able to go out and eat at affordable prices, back then you could go out and have a starter, main course, desert and a bottle of wine for about R25.00. The waiters would score big time, because the meal was so cheap you would give them and extra tip.

When we were home in April, my brother-in-law suggested Gino's and I was worried that after 28 years the standard would have dropped and the food wouldn't be great.  But it did not disappoint it lived up to it's excellent standard.  Still run and owned by the same Italian family, it was wonderful and although the prices had increased, it was still a bargain, starters, main course, desert, drinks and Don Pedro for round R100.00 including a tip, that's €10.00, which would buy you a chicken wrap and coffee in Ireland, nothing more.

I also started reminiscing about all the times we had been to Gino's, how we had waited one evening for 4 hours for a table (they never took bookings, but you could wait in the bar), and how by the time we got to the table we had, had so much to drink that my friend actually passed out in her food!  Hopefully Gino's will be around for another 20 years so that we can enjoy the food every time we go back.

Just check out their menu

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