Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I just don't get it...

Tonight I was at the Gym doing my 20 laps or more before our Boot camp aerobics class, when in waltzes the skinniest girl I ever saw, long blonde hair almost down to her waist, wearing only a "GOLD" string bikini.  She waltzes up to one of the gym instructors who was busy doing his yoga exercises.  Now I know I shouldn't stare but it was quite obvious from the body language that all she wanted was him, the meeting was very short and sweet and she ambled over to the Jacuzzi and half put her body in, so that the other half was sticking out for everyone to see, and then not 10 minutes later she was gone.

Did I miss something, were they looking for a new BOND girl at our local gym?  Not that I would have been chosen - lol :) , sometimes I just don't get woman!
Brilliant Status on Facebook tonight:  Destiny may decide who touches your Life ~ Your heart may decide who touches your Soul ~ But...Tequila decides who touches your body... :-D

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