Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I was reading this today and thought of you...xxxxxxxxxx

A very special friend sent me this today and the words are just so true ... 
Before you say “I can’t”
Make sure you’ve already tried.
Before you let doubts stop you,
Confront them with facts.
Before reasons convince you it’s impossible
Pursue the one reason that makes it possible.
Before failure enters your mind
Hide success in your heart.
Before fear holds you back,
Go forward with faith.
Before problems interfere with your plans,
Use them to accomplish your goals.
Before you hold back because others are better,
Show others what a winner you are.
Before you settle for less,
Hold onto what is most important.
Before you believe there is no way,
Keep going and you’ll make one.
Before you give up,
Be at peace inside.
Before you dismiss your dreams,
Wait until they’ve come true.
Before you go looking for happiness,
Make your own where you are…..

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