Monday, July 22, 2013

Night 1 in Budapest

We ventured out at about 6:30 pm last night to try and find somewhere to eat, we ended up walking through what I can only say is the fashion high street of Budapest, Balaton Utka.  It seems that everything starts livening up in the evening when it starts cooling down, there were loads of markets on the main road, and then down Balaton Utka, past food markets and buskers and onto the Danube, where we could see the sun set over Castle Hill, a beautiful view of the Castle and of the famous chain bridge over the Danube.

From there we ventured back up and ended up doing a really touristy thing and having dinner at TGIF.  It was a nice walk back in the cool air and back to our lovely apartment in the Jewish Quarter behind the Synagogue.

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