Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 2 - Working from home in Budapest

So I couldn't get another week off, so I had to compromise and work remotely from Budapest, which is fine as the WIFI has been great so far and I have managed to do my work.

On Monday, I just worked and caught up with all my colleagues as to what they have been doing and what I have been doing, went through my e-mails which weren't as bad as I thought they would be.  It was so hot on Monday, the mercury topped 40 degrees, I took at least 4 cold showers while working.   I was hoping to go out on Monday night, but D and Em had been at the baths on Margret Island and only got home after 8, by the time we ate dinner it was past 9, so no point in really going anywhere.

Tuesday I managed to get through quite a number of compliance tests, chatted to colleagues, cancelled a meeting with my boss in Dublin and managed to leave early, although it wasn't really early as I have been working an hour ahead of Ireland and putting in extra hours.  So I turned off my computer at 5:45 Hungarian time. 

We ambled over the road to the Market stalls and then found a small Market but the guys followed you around, I don't think they were Hungarian probably, the looked more Eastern and were willing to haggle, I am not into that and prefer the Hungarian way, this is the price if you don't like it - then tough.  It's just not in my nature to haggle, if I think it's too expensive I won't buy it.

Wednesday - well today hasn't started off too well, I intended getting up early and going off to the "Market" , they open at 6 in the morning and close at 18:00 and because I have to work until 19:00, I thought I could get up and be there by 7:00 which would give me a couple of hours to browse and then walk back and start working, but of course I woke up late.   Then when I get on-line, I see loads of people in Dublin have their status set to "Green" on-line as well as in the States where it is early hours of the morning there.  This annoys me as it looks like they are working, but they aren't - there really should be a Skype eticate mail sent out to all employees! 

Okay so that is my beef for today, maybe we will go for a walk tonight and I can get some air and not have cabin fever by the end of the day!

We ended up going for a walk and getting ice-creams at the wonderful little place that makes them in the shape of a Rose.

Thursday 1st of August - I managed to get through a lot of stuff today and meetings, so had a shower at about 3 o'clock as I had been working since 7 a.m., got dressed when Em & D got back from their day out and we all went out for Dinner at Spinoza Cafe again, our last night in Budapest - Derrick and I had a Goose leg with Red Cabbage and Potato Gratin, which was really nice.